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Farmer's Market - High Springs, Florida
May 22, 2008

"Farmer's Market" Welcome to the High Springs Farmer's Market located next to Main Street!
"Welcome" Welcoming you to the Farmer's Market is Lela Carrero.
Lela has been a volunteer for two years.
"BloomingWoods Nursery" Traci, BloomingWoods Nursery, has been a regular since the market started.
Traci specializes in roses, azaleas and many other perennials.
"Old Tyme Bread House" Judith McGee and husband John bring a wonderful selection
of breads, cookies and cakes from Citra, Florida.
"Sonny Andrews" A regular from the beginning, Sonny Andrews has a multitude
of fresh vegetables for sale. The tomatoes are especially good!
"Ruth and Chris's Plants" Ruth Romano presents a selection of native plants and
"tested" perennials for the Florida landscape.
"Hospice" Larry Geiger,AC from Hospice is at the market to answer any questions you may have
regarding Hospice. Hospice also has a thrift store in High Springs
on US 441 across from Bev's Burgers.
"Glensharn Farms" Please welcome Chip Titus from Hawthorne.
Chip and his wife Sharon, specializes in Ornamental grasses and shrubs.
"Wilkinson Family Farms" Wilkinson Family Farms specilizes in home grown products.
Check out the "huge" cabbage on the left!
Anita & Darrell are in their second year at the High Springs Farmer's Market.
"Natural Wealth Company" Otis Garrison of the Natural Wealth Company
presents all natural soaps, shea butter and loose tea.
"Holt" Tom and Linda Holt from Newberry,
specializes in seasonal products - seedless melons and cantalopes.
"S.E.M. Nursery" Art, a regular from the beginning, specializes in persimmons, fruits and ornamentals.
"Farm to Family" Farm to Family has been a regular of the Farmer's Market
from the beginning also. Organic vegetables, milk and honey are their specialties.
"Ruby Wilkerson" It is the second year for Ruby Wilkerson and Angela Agnew.
The vegetables are locally grown and there are all types
of peppers: long finger hot, cowhorn roasting,ect.
"Kumarie" Kumarie started this year with organically grown vegetables
from Alachua. We welcome new vendors and wish them the best.
"High Springs Police Department" Gordon Fulwood from the High Springs Police Department is providing materials
to the community and to answer any questions.
An updated file of sexual offenders is available for perusal.
"The Herbal Connection" Lydia from The Herbal Connection, started last October
with her homemade selection of skin care products.
Herbs, oils and spices are her speciality.

Join us in High Springs, Florida
(next to Main Street)
Thursday, 2:00 - 6:00 pm
Saturday 11:00 - 3:00 pm

Upcoming Events:

June 7th: Melon Fest featuring Quartermoon
Watermelon Rolling and Seed Spitting
Master of Ceremonies: Paul Regensdorf (Grady House Bed & Breakfast)
- - -
July 3rd: All American Buy Local Block Party
- - -
See Sharon Yeago for vendor information or call 386-454-3950.

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